To ensure the proper management and growth of OARC for the support of its users, the Business Operations, Grant Coordination, & Education team will:

  • Management of OARC budget and business operations
  • Liaison to Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Associate Deans of Research, and the OARC Faculty Advisory Board
  • Grant facilitation
  • Project management
  • Communications
  • Coordination of Education, Outreach, and Training including
    • Development:
      –Based on expressed needs of local research community
      –Strive for coverage of latest technologies
      –Formats & topics constantly evolving
    • Topics:
      –Intro to advanced computing resources (local and national)
      –Linux system and cluster administration
      –Information security and privacy
      –C, Python, FORTRAN, R programming
      –CUDA and OpenACC GPU accelerator programming
      –Bioinformatics, cheminformatics, text processing
      –Data-intensive computing methods and technologies
      –Data visualization
      –Parallel programming with MPI and OpenMP
      –Software-defined networking
      –Geographic information system applications
      –Hadoop framework and the MapReduce Algorithm
    • Software/Data Carpentry (
    • Events such as the National Supercomputing Initiative Seminar Series

For questions related to grant facilitation, training, purchasing nodes on Amarel, or other issues related to the OARC Business Operation team, please contact:
Kristin Lepping, Assistant Director * 848-445-5140 *


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