Amarel regular production commenced on July 10, 2017 with open access
for the Rutgers community.  Cluster access will be via the hostname, which will redirect to one of the available
login nodes.  Please use this hostname instead of the legacy node  Fen1 will remain available through Sunday, July
23 as a fallback in the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with
the new Amarel login nodes.  As always, please report any problems or
direct questions to

We would encourage you to browse the Amarel Users Guide.  Here, you’ll
find general information as well as more specific guidance
for developing and running jobs, types of hardware partitions and other useful tips.

Initially, Perceval and HPCC account holders will continue to use the
same login nodes.  We will notify you when the principle OARC resources
will become accessible through the Amarel login nodes.

Amarel owners who have not yet requested accounts and users requesting
Open Access accounts can do so here. Open Access users should refer to
Amarel to review the limitations  for Open Access accounts.

Thank you and we wish you great success and research productivity using

-The OARC System Administration and Scientific Support Teams