Leslie P. Michelson, PhD
Senior Director

High Performance Research Computing
OARC, Rutgers

Medical Science Building
185 South Orange Ave Room C631, Newark NJ, 07101
RBHS Newark Campus
Office: (973)-972-4558
Fax: (973)-972-7412

Computing Research & Education (CoRE) Building
96 Frelinghuysen Road Room 706, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Busch Campus

Fax: (732)-445-2805


Dr. Michelson has over 42 years of experience developing, implementing and managing innovative scientific computing resources for the health sciences. In his current role as a Director at OARC, he has expanded opportunities to provide advanced computational support to a large and prominent faculty in the health sciences along with STEM disciplines. Recently, he was PI on a successful proposal to implement a supercomputer devoted to the life sciences. The success of this endeavor has encouraged Dr. Michelson to participate in namely the development of a Protected Data Environment to complement the environment created by the aforementioned award.

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