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How do I become an Amarel owner?

There are several steps to becoming an Amarel owner, which include working with our Research and Education Facilitator (REF) team for pre-and post-purchase configuration and access details, as well as working with the Business Operations team for the contract (Service Level Agreement or SLA) and financial transactions.

Begin by reaching out to (the REF team) who will work with you to determine the amount of nodes and storage you need to perform your research and wish to purchase, put you in touch with the Business team, and direct you to fill out the general access form if you or your lab members/students are not open access users yet. This process will give you the ability to specify amount, and in some cases, configuration of desired compute and storage, list appropriate contacts in your lab or department, and open up a line of communication with appropriate OARC team members in order to successfully become an owner and utilize your equipment most efficiently.

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