Our Liaisons:

Hyungil Kye

I’m a PhD candidate in economics. My primary research area is market microstructure in finance where I pursue empirical approaches in answering research questions. My analytics are based on econometrics including non-/semi- parametric methods and machine learning techniques. I mostly rely on Python 3 and Java for data processing, and R/Rcpp for empirical analyses.


Kathleen Rogers
Political Science




Sicheng Wang
Planning and Public Policy

Sicheng Wang is a PhD candidate in Planning and Public Policy. Sicheng’s research focuses on the patterns, mechanisms, and impact of the emerging ride-hailing services. He uses big data techniques and spatial analysis methods to explore the factors on the trip generation, the association between ride-hailing trips and the urban development, and the impact of shared mobility on residents’ travel behavior. The findings of Sicheng’s research help to understand the way that shared mobility interacts with the city, the society, and the existing transportation system, and shed light on the issues of transportation equity, urban economics, land use, and traffic regulation in the era of the sharing economy.



Wenyue Hua




Kevin Cordeiro
Data Science




Yuxuan Wu

PhD Candidate in computational chemistry, hobbies in photography and traveling



Zhenning Yang



Tongji Xing
Human Genetics

I am a 5th year PhD student in the lab of Premal Shah. My current PhD thesis project focuses on developing a computational yeast whole-cell model, to explore the evolutionary design principles of mRNA degradation pathways and how they affect protein translation.



John Favate
Human Genetics

My research uses high throughput RNA-seq and ribo-seq to study how changes in regulation of transcription and translation contribute to evolutionary processes like adaptation and speciation.




Alanna Cohen
Microbial Biology



Sukanya Panja
Biomedical and Health Informatics, Newark

I am a Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Dr Antonina Mitrofanova’s laboratory in the Department of Health Informatics, School of Health Professions, Rutgers. My PhD focuses on developing genome-wide approaches by incorporating statistical and machine learning algorithms to identify markers of drug response and resistance in prostate cancer.



Zishuo Zheng
Quantitative Biomedicine



Carrisa Cacuzza

I am a neuroscience PhD candidate working in The Cole Neurocognition Lab, where we utilize human neuroimaging data to study the neural mechanisms of cognition and behavior. My research focus includes cognitive control, network neuroscience, and predictive modeling.



Spencer Roth
Environmental Science

I am a PhD candidate in Environmental Sciences. My research is investigating the impacts of wetland progression on soil microbial communities and its relation to mercury and carbon cycling. I use the Amarel research cluster for processing and analysis of high throughput sequence data.




Kelly Burghart
Atmospheric Science

Kelly Burghart is a first year PhD student in Atmospheric Science. Her research leverages the NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM) to study the Antarctic climate and its connections globally. Prior to joining Rutgers University, Kelly worked in industry as a systems analyst, project manager, and applications engineer. She has experience with embedded system programming, the software development life cycle, and data analysis. Kelly also holds certifications as a LabVIEW Developer (National Instruments) and as a Scrum Product Owner (Scrum Alliance). Kelly completed her Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering in 2014 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Angkon Wu

I’m a 3rd year graduate student at physics department. I’m in the field of condensed matter theory, interested in non-equilibrium many-body system and strongly correlated electron system.




Johnathan Viereck