Our current inventory of Amarel compute nodes (Phase III) and backed-up /projects storage is completely sold-out. The next buy-in opportunity will take place in the fall and announcements will be made when we have configuration and pricing details.
The following information is being provided for reference only:

Please review the information below to gauge interest in becoming a new owner or adding to existing owned resources.  Hardware is available now and can be provisioned promptly.

Following are the standard specifications for Phase III compute nodes.

2 x Intel Xeon Gold (Cascade Lake) processors (20 x 2.10GHz, 27.5M cache) – 40 cores total per node
12 x 16GB DDR4-2933MHz ECC memory modules (192GB total)
1 x 128GB or 480GB SSD (storage drives)
GigE and Infiniband EDR (100Gb/s) adapters

With regard to Phase III compute performance, we’d like to bring your attention to the VNNI (vector neural network instructions) which Intel has added as part of the Cascade Lake generation.  VNNI may significantly improve performance in AI/machine learning applications.

FY20 pricing for compute nodes is $7,080 per node with a four-year warranty (subject to change based on vendor selection).

Additionally, we have secured a few GPU nodes.  We’re sharing this information with the research community for anyone interested in taking advantage of this unusual opportunity to buy-in to the cluster (i.e., become an Amarel “owner”).

Following are the specifications for GPU nodes.

8 x  NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti Graphics Cards (GPUs)
2 x  Intel Xeon Silver 4116 processors (12 x 2.10GHz cores, 16.5 M cache) – 24 cores total per node
12 x  16GB DDR4-2666MHz ECC memory modules (192GB total)
4 x  Seagate 2TB Enterprise HDDs (storage drives)
GigE and Infiniband EDR (100Gb/s) adapters

FY20 pricing for GPU nodes is expected to be $28,500 per node with a four-year warranty.

About Ownership:

– Amarel owners (e.g., individuals, departments, institutes) always have dedicated, immediate access to purchased resources
– Buying-in to Amarel with our standard 4-year ownership plan is considered an equipment purchase with no indirect costs
– Extremely low pricing is achieved through multi-vendor negotiations and OARC provides administration, power, cooling, rack space, network access

For more information on both Phase III and the consumer GPUs, or to discuss your interest in becoming an Amarel owner, contact us at help@oarc.rutgers.edu