Along with many other companies contributing in a multitude of ways to combat Covid-19, Qiagen has lifted license restrictions for IPA and several other software suites.

What does this mean for Rutgers investigators?

Qiagen is asking that new accounts established, using the URL below, be used exclusively for work related to SARS-CoV2/Covid-19. Please observe their request.

  • If you are already using Rutgers IPA license, you will not be blocked as a result of the session limit restriction on our license;
  • If you do not have an IPA account of any type, but require access now to facilitate your research effort, please visit  to request a temporary  IPA  account.  These accounts can be moved, along with their data, to the Rutgers license at a future time. Accounts created in this way will also enjoy unrestricted access;
  • If you are using or have finished an IPA trial account, please contact OARC’s Senior Director, Dr. Leslie Michelson, at to have your account transferred to our Rutgers license. Trial accounts are the method OARC has used to introduce new users to IPA without impacting utilization of our IPA license. Again, this applies only to active IPA trials or completed trials where the account has not yet been transferred to the Rutgers license;
  • No new trial accounts under Rutgers IPA license will be established, as they are not necessary at this time.

Unlimited access for non-Covid-19 research will continue through April 30, 2020. If you obtained your account through the link provided above and wish to have your account transferred to Rutgers license at the end of the temporary account period, please contact Dr. Michelson.

If you are a Covid-19 researcher, unlimited access is available through June 15, 2020 via a special license. Please contact Dr. Michelson for further information.