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OARC’s Dell OpenStack system

Coming soon! OARC Secure Environment + Machine Learning

Designed by Dell and OARC, this project will provide roughly 850 virtual machines based on an oversubscription rate of 2:1 (2 virtual machines of capacity per physical core).


  • OpenStack Controller nodes will be segregated into 3 distinct failure domains
  • OpenStack Compute Nodes
    • 720 cores @ 2.6ghz per core, 11,520 GB RAM
  • OpenStack Storage Nodes
    • CEPH based guidance, Includes SSD Journaling, 1.11 PB Usable Storage, Provides object and block storage, self-encrypting
  • HPC GPU Nodes
    • 10 PowerEdge R740 Servers, 240 cores @ 2.6ghz per core, 1,920 GB RAM, 20 NVIDIA V100 16GB GPU, Mellanox Infiniband EDR
  • Shared Storage for Scratch Space
    • 480TB Raw, Self-encrypting
  • Security Components
    • Second generation firewall for the instrument, Splunk active monitoring/logging software, MPLS network