The Condominium Model – a centralized system and how it works

-Anyone in the Rutgers community can gain access to the ACI resources facilitated by OARC. Multiple levels of access and priority based upon researcher need and buy-in are available:

–Free to Rutgers community

  • Basic level of priority

–Nodes for purchase (by faculty, departments, colleges)

  • Have owner priority
  • Priority access based on number purchased
  • Can preempt non-owners immediately
  • Designed to feel as local as possible
  • No indirect costs since this is an equipment purchase

–Most recent node configuration (approximately $5,611 without accelerators):

  • 2 x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2680v4 2.4 GHz, 35 MB cache, 14-core processors (28-cores per node)
  • 128 GB* of RAM (8 x 16 GB DIMMs)
  • 1 TB 7.2K 6 Gbps SATA 2.5” HDD
  • GigE and Infiniband EDR (100Gbs)  adapters

*Other configurations available, as listed below:
128GB Node   $5,611
256GB Node   $6,717
512GB Node   $9,039

–Subsidizing helps keep costs down so researchers can afford more.

  • OARC covers costs of racks, network interconnect, systems admin, maintenance, some spare nodes, etc.

–Storage (attached to computing)

  • Available for purchase – 1TB project storage included with first node purchased. Additional storage available at $150/TB (limited to 10TB per node). Support for purchased storage guaranteed for at least four years.
  • Home directory and project storage are backed up. High speed scratch is not backed up.

–Hadoop/Spark (Data analytics environment)

-Dedicated allocation requests will be available through a review process


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