Associate Vice President for Advanced Research Computing, Dr. James Barr von Oehsen, joined OARC March 1, 2016. A Rutgers alumnus (BA, Mathematics 1984; PhD, Mathematics 1991), Dr. von Oehsen is especially pleased to be back at his home university!

While we have only just begun to grow the OARC team in spring 2016, our staff of experienced and talented systems administrators, research scientists, and administrative personnel can assist the Rutgers research community through their distinct roles. Soon OARC will be fully staffed in five realms:

  1. Advanced Computing Infrastructure team
  2. Research & Education Facilitator (REF) team
  3. Business Operations, Grants, & Workforce Development team
  4. Campus Cyber-Infrastructure (CI) Engineer

The OARC Faculty Advisory Committee has been working together for several years, even before the official formation of the Office. Further information regarding the Advisory Committee and the work that they accomplish on behalf of the Rutgers research community, including OARC policy documents and extensive users guides, will be available in the future.