The role of the Advanced Computing Infrastructure-Research and Education Facilitators team is:

  • Domain area of specialization (usually has PhD)
  • Promoting awareness of ACI resources and their usefulness
  • Matchmaking of researchers and their needs with appropriate ACI resources, both on campus and beyond
  • Consulting with researchers on the integration of ACI resources into their workflow, including the selection of approaches, processes, and tools
  • Training and assisting researchers to help them optimally leverage ACI capabilities into the future
  • Researching and understanding new ACI resources and capabilities
  • Representing the user perspective to ACI service providers to inform short term responsive changes and improvements to ACI resources
  • Understanding the evolving ACI needs of the research community, in order to anticipate and advocate for necessary technology advancements in the long term.
  • Identifying and matchmaking potential collaborations between researchers based upon common research goals and/or uses of cyberinfrastructure.
  • Partnering with staff at other institutions/organizations to promote the sharing of expertise.
  • Can, and encouraged to, participate on grants

Meet the Team:


Dr. Leslie P. Michelson




Dr. Janet (Yun-Juan) Chang
Senior Scientist




Dr. Galen Collier
Senior Scientist




Dr. Bala Desinghu
Senior Scientist




Dr. Vlad Kholodovych
Senior Scientist





Muhammad Ibrahim Awan
Research Associate



Udi Zelzion
Senior Scientist







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