Nov. 1 (09:00 ET) There is currently network outage on our subnet at Montclair State University that is making Sirius, Sirius2 (the host with the Mascot VM), the Hydra cluster, and Newton unavailable. None of these systems are accessible at this time.


Piscataway Systems (including Amarel, HPCC, and Perceval) are back up and running as expected.

Please note: The HPCC nodes have been merged into Amarel and are available in the main partition.  HPCC members are now Amarel owners and will receive owner partitions and project directories, and should be using amarel.hpc.rutgers.edu as the login node instead of fen.hpc.  OARC personnel will be in touch with PIs to coordinate the transition.

UMDNJ Network Challenges

Changes were made Thursday, Sept 23rd 2017 to the networking regarding the integration of Rutgers and UMDNJ, which has ‘broken’ access to Sirius from some locations. We are working with TD to resolve this as best we can but we assume this will take the better part of a week to untangle.

In the meantime, either using the address “sirius.umdnj.edu” in place of “sirius.hpc.rutgers.edu” or first connecting to the Rutgers VPN (information found here: https://oit.rutgers.edu/vpn ) will let you work around this problem.

All other systems are currently working.