Rutgers University Apps Server ( will be decommissioned June 1, 2019

This system hosts critical, production research work. This system is also running very old, buggy, insecure software on old hardware that is no longer under warranty or supported. This system will remain in service at this time as a convenience to researchers who have already been using it for years. However, this system could encounter unrecoverable system failures at any time and, therefore, must be retired.

Transitioning to the Amarel System

Apps users are encouraged to migrate their work to Amarel because similar features, but much greater capabilities, are provided to Amarel users. Using Amarel is free and available to all Rutgers students, faculty, and staff.

Many of the applications that were available via Apps are already available on Amarel. For applications that are not yet available on Amarel, OARC is actively working on getting the licensing and configuration issues resolved.

How to Begin using Amarel

Simply request an account:

Review the Amarel system user guides / documentation:

Log-in (GUI-based or command-line) and start using the system. See what software is available. Try running batch or interactive jobs.

Please check our events calendar to find upcoming training events targeted at helping users get started with Amarel:

Ask questions or request help:

Our team of research support specialists (experienced computational scientists & technical experts) are here to help you get started, install software, submit jobs, develop your workflow, manage large datasets, etc. Just let us know how we can help.