CC* Networking Infrastructure: CICNet – The One-Rutgers Next Generation Data Driven Research Network

This project proposes a solution that includes building a “One Rutgers” data driven friction-less research network, connecting all campuses, to enable productive research and education with next generation network services. Rutgers will enhance its current campus cyberinfrastructure by implementing a friction-free, Software Defined Network (SDN) based connection(s) across and between campuses. This next generation research network will not only allow building distributed data repositories and advanced computing across the Rutgers campuses, but also to improve the speed and Quality of Service (QoS) when connecting into the national cyberinfrastructure
ecosystem, e.g., XSEDE, Open Science Grid (OSG), Pacific Research Platform (PRP), CloudLab, and GENI . The proposed network will couple each campus at 40+ Gb/s backbone, field upgradeable to 100 Gb/s, that will bring each research group listed in this proposal an increase in bandwidth between 10 and 80 Gb/s.

Through a partnership with regional network providers, MAGPI and NJEDge, we are committed to connect CICNet to the Internet2 Innovation Platform. The Innovation Platform is a combination of technologies and services (SDN, Science DMZs, and 100 Gb/s) that provide a leading-edge, end-to-end architecture with a unique set of unified capabilities at the national, regional and campus level creating an environment for innovation in research and education. The Cyberinfrastructure Core Network (CICNet) will include merchant silicon switches, OpenFlow/SDN controllers, and perfSONAR for monitoring. The main focus of this project will be building a support and management structure for this environment through a partnership between the research community and the Office of Information Technology (OIT), facilitated by the Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC). The proposed approach will provide a template for other universities and consortiums who are planning similar distributed campus level cloud environments designed for the research community.

Rutgers’ current Science DMZ (demilitarized zone – i.e., free from firewall and other “friction” devices) is designed to create secure network enclaves for data-intensive science and high-speed data transport that couple distributed resources positioned close to the research community. This campus-wide research platform interconnects the Rutgers Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses’ dedicated research networks to create a secure, seamless fabric aimed at maximizing end-to-end performance and ease of use. By updating this Science DMZ with SDN switches and adding the necessary support (ACI-REFs, network engineers, and SDN specialists) we offer the research community a programmable environment designed to improve the end-to-end performance on campus, between campuses, and to the outside world. The introduction of a network platform, CICNet, that is focused on data intensive research, applications, and instruments to a broader more diverse group of researchers will be a catalyst for future advances in Rutgers research.


For additional information, please contact:

Kristin Lepping, Director  (848) 445-5140