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Rutgers students, researchers, and faculty utilizing Amarel

Rutgers departments, schools, centers, and institutes performing work on Amarel

Core compute hours since 2016

About Amarel

In July 2017, the Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)  unveiled Amarel, a “condominium” style computing environment developed to serve the university’s wide-ranging research needs.  The Amarel cluster provides a shared platform that optimizes resources for the benefit of all users.  Named in honor of Dr. Saul Amarel, one of the founders of the Rutgers Computer Science Department and contributor to advanced computing and artificial intelligence research and methodologies, Amarel is designed to suit many different research applications.

Through Aberdeen (late 2023):

  • 560 compute nodes
    • 27,872 Intel Xeon cores
    • 224 GPUs
    • Open OnDemand servers
    • InfiniBand FDR & EDR fabric

More information:

  • Community-contributed software repository
  • Spans three Rutgers data centers (Piscataway, Newark, and Camden) producing a unified compute, data, and storage system
  • Rolling node/phase retirement with new node replacement, beginning in spring 2021

Access to Amarel

While general access use is available to the entire Rutgers community, investigators can become condominium owners through a university-sponsored matching program.  Owners have highest priority and are guaranteed access commensurate with their investment. Owner allocations are designed to feel as close to a locally maintained and managed system as possible, but with unused cycles being available to the general pool.  Free access is available on a first come first served basis to the Rutgers community utilizing general pooled resources under an open access policy. Non-owner jobs can be preempted immediately by higher priority (owner) jobs.

Become an Amarel owner

Current hardware specs

Beginning in 2023, OARC began naming each new consecutive phase after a city in New Jersey, and we are moving through the alphabet as we continue.  The latest phase is called Aberdeen. In late 2023, we completed procurement of annual hardware, compute nodes, and storage assets for Amarel’s next phase: Bayonne. Bayonne is expected to be received, installed, tested, and ready for use by the Rutgers research community in mid-to-late 2024.

Bayonne compute nodes include the following:

  • 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6448Y (Sapphire Rapids) Processors (60MB cache, 2.1GHz), 4800 MHz DDR5 memory, 32-core processors (64 cores/node)
  • 16x16GB DIMMs (256GB/node)
  • 480GB SSD on-board drive
  • 25GigE and Infiniband HDR (100Gb/s) adapters
  • The cost of node ownership is $9,763 per node
  • A limited number of 4x L40S NVIDIA GPUs are also available at $35,853

The cost of node ownership is based upon a four-year fully warrantied node lifetime. New owners receive 1 complimentary terabyte of storage with their first purchase. Additional /project storage space is currently offered at $150/TB for Amarel owners.

NOTE: If you plan to use software on the cluster that requires special licensing, configuration, or data transfer support (e.g., something more complex than open source software you can install in your personal directory), the feasibility of installing and running that software must be evaluated by our infrastructure team. We have encountered software packages requiring remote authentication schemes, data transfer capability from compute nodes, and persistent local services like web servers that our cluster’s environment cannot support.

For more information, or to discuss your interest in becoming an Amarel owner, contact us.