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Grant proposals and sponsored projects

Grant Proposals and Sponsored Projects

OARC offers grant-submission support, awarded-project research collaboration, and research-computing equipment for award use.
OARC pursues and has been awarded equipment grants to increase resources for the benefit of the entire university.
It also partners on awards with other schools, departments, and researchers.

Sponsored Projects

(As of Thursday, May 30, 2024)

Total departmental dollars awarded (equipment/hardware for the university)

Total collaborative funds awarded

Total current/pending proposals

Research and Education Facilitator Team (REF’s)

OARC’s team of experienced computational scientists act as the bridge between central IT and the research community. We call this team the “REF’s,” an HPC community-accepted term for the role of Research and Education Facilitator. These domain specialists are available to support you in:


Consulting with researchers on the integration of ACI resources into their workflow, including selection of approaches, process, and tools

Individual, group, or departmental training to help researchers optimally leverage advanced cyberinfrastructure (ACI) capabilities

Embedded support in projects or departments and commercial-partner support specialists

Team members with specialties in biochemistry, bioengineering, business administration, chemistry, data science, genomics, GIS, machine learning, mathematics, mechanical engineering, microbiology, physics, and visualization

Internal and external collaborations

OARC partners with the Rutgers University research community, the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the Office for Research for sponsored and non-sponsored projects and initiatives to transform research computing at Rutgers:

  • Partnerships with SAS, SEBS, CCIB, Libraries, Winlab, Institute for Women’s Leadership, CryoEM, CINJ, and many others
  • Breaking new ground with data science support, university policy initiatives, cybersecurity, geographic information systems (GIS), research networking, and more

External collaborative partnerships with the following have increased Rutgers visibility in the higher education research computing community exponentially:

  • Big Ten
  • Eastern Regional Network
  • National Research Platform
  • Supercomputing (SC)
  • Women in HPC
  • Campus Research Computing Consortium (CARCC)
  • Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC)
  • Practice and Education in Academic Research Computing (PEARC)

Grants and Proposals FAQ

View commonly asked questions related to proposal development and sponsored projects.

Help with Proposal Submission

If you are interested in working with OARC on a proposal submission email

Help from the OARC team

If you’d like to work with or utilize the help of the REF (Research and Education Facilitator) team,