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The Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) offers the Rutgers community many services and resources to support and collaborate with investigators on demanding problems requiring advanced cyberinfrastructure to facilitate a solution. Most of OARC’s computing systems provide free, open-access computing to all students, staff, and faculty as well as data storage and management, a dedicated research network, cloud services, geographic information systems (GIS), and a network of collaborators at peer institutions and national organizations.

For all levels of assistance (to ask a beginner question or request advanced support), please contact us at Our entire support team will see your message and the team members who are best able to help will respond.


  • Rutgers research community resource
  • Condo-model (free and owner)
  • Infrastructure located on all Rutgers campuses
  • 700 compute nodes
  • 20,980 Intel Xeon cores
  • 190 GPUs

Caliburn – Retired

    • NJ state resource
    • A Top500 system 2016 – 2018
    • 560 Compute nodes
    • 20,160 Intel Xeon cores
    • 140TB RAM memory
    • 218TB flash storage

  • Allocations awarded via research proposal and committee review



  • Accessibility-focused data storage: Amarel GPFS Storage is distributed across CICnet, the Rutgers research network
  • High-performance/scratch file system is local to the compute nodes that a job uses
  • Piscataway: 1.1 PB DSSP, 1.4 PB GSS
  • Newark: 1.5 PB DSSN
  • Camden:1.5 PB DSSC

ELF – Retired

  • NJ state resource
  • 144 Compute nodes
  • 16 GPUs
  • 4 high memory nodes
  • 1PB GPFS usable storage

Other OARC resources available to the Rutgers community

CICnet – Cyberinfrastructure Core Network

NSF and university-funded solution to build a data driven, frictionless, dedicated research network on, among, and beyond Rutgers campuses, enabling productive research education with next generation network services.

Federation with Google Cloud

OARC provides a seamless hybrid environment between Amarel/OARC resources and GoogleCloud, maximizing efficiency and flexibility for the user.


Data management plan (DMP) application used to create ready-to-use data-management plans and fulfill other data management requirements. It is a free, open-source application recommended by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other large funding agencies that require such plans be included in funding proposals.

 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Data analysis tools that utilize spatial location to seek and obtain new insights from visualizations produced by geographic data. We help scholars use GIS tools to complement their research.

Ecosystem for Research Networking (ERN)

A consortium of universities, network providers, and industry partners advancing the frontiers of research.

 Grant proposals and sponsored projects

OARC’s team of scientific domain experts, grant and business personnel, and technical professionals collaborate with investigators to provide expertise in building out compute and data facilities, assist with writing proposals and managing awards, and provide solutions in areas such as workflows, software optimization, and infrastructure.

External resource partners

These include Open Science Grid (OSG), XSEDE, Internet2, and others. OARC’s systems are also capable of enabling bursting of submitted jobs into commercial and academic cloud services when local resources are heavily utilized or other factors favor external resources.