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704 compute nodes
23,616 cores
176 TB of memory
200+ TB flash storage


system, 2016 – 2018

trillion floating point algebraic operations per second

About Caliburn

At the time it was built in 2016, Caliburn was the most powerful supercompute system in the state. It was built with a $10 million award to the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) from the New Jersey Higher Education Leasing Fund (ELF), and was conceptualized, architected, and managed by RDI2 until 2019. Now managed and maintained by OARC, Caliburn has been a statewide system benefitting all of New Jersey and enabling research both locally and globally.

Caliburn’s model

  • Available to academic institutions, industry, and state offices within New Jersey
  • Appropriate for larger compute jobs
  • Unused cycles contribute to general access resources
  • Modeled after XSEDE Research Allocations (XRAC)


Historically, Caliburn users were granted access through subnission of research proposals which were reviewed by committee. Awarded allocations were given “owner” priority similar to that of Amarel, were based on Service Units (SUs), and lasted for 6 months.

In mid-2021, as Caliburn has reached its end of serviceable-life, current access will last only until Caliburn is fully decommissioned later in the year or until the system fails. New allocation proposals are no longer being accepted.