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Can OARC help me write my proposal, when it comes to how I would utilize HPC resources to perform the research? If funded, can you help me to perform the research or analyze the data during the award period? What if I need help using Amarel for my research, such as with workflows, software scripting, data storing, and access?

OARC’s REF (Research and Education Facilitator) team is made up of primarily PhD-level domain scientists who are well-versed in writing proposals, performing research, and analyzing data in collaboration with PIs and their teams. In some cases, our REF’s are written into grant budgets to account for their contribution to funded projects. They have expertise in life sciences, GIS/visualization, STEM disciplines, and the humanities. Please work with the REF Director of Research Support, Galen Collier, and the OARC Business Team if you wish to include OARC team members in your proposal. In addition, we invite you to contact the REF team for individual or group training, consultation, and assistance in putting Amarel to work for effective and cutting-edge research.

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