Our current inventory of Amarel compute nodes (Phase III) and backed-up /projects storage is completely sold-out. In spring 2020, OARC is in the process of procuring Amarel Phase IV, which will be announced to the research community in the near future with opportunity to become a Phase IV Amarel owner.

Please review the information below to gauge interest in becoming a new owner or adding to existing owned resources.  Phase IV hardware is expected to be available in late summer 2020.

Following are the standard specifications for Phase IV compute nodes.

Phase IV pricing for compute nodes will be $7,200 per node with a four-year warranty.

About Ownership:

– Amarel owners (e.g., individuals, departments, institutes) always have dedicated, immediate access to purchased resources
– Buying-in to Amarel with our standard 4-year ownership plan is a capital equipment purchase which does not incur indirect costs
– Extremely low pricing is achieved through multi-vendor negotiations and OARC provides administration, power, cooling, rack space, network access, and human resources (build, maintenance, and support)

NOTE: If you plan to use software on the cluster that requires special licensing, configuration, or data transfer support (e.g., something more complex than open source software you can install in your personal directory), the feasibility of installing and running that software must be evaluated by our infrastructure team. We have encountered software packages requiring remote authentication schemes, data transfer capability from compute nodes, and persistent local services like web servers that our cluster’s environment cannot support.

For more information on both Phase IV and available consumer GPUs, or to discuss your interest in becoming an Amarel owner, contact us at help@oarc.rutgers.edu