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SOLVED: Network connection issues on Amarel

03/11/2021, 12:20 pm

Amarel users,

Our tech team identified the network issue on the infiniband fabric and now it has been corrected.
All nodes are back online and resumed to normal operation.

Please resume your normal activity on Amarel.

We apologize for inconvenience that this disruption might cause to your research.

Vlad Kholodovych, PhD

03/11/2021, 11:10 am

Amarel users,

We are experiencing a degradation in network connectivity between Amarel cluster nodes. As a result you may see some lags and slow responsiveness from a cluster.

Access to /home, /projects, and /scratch spaces are limited at the moment and some running jobs, including Open on Demand desktops may fail due to lost of connectivity. Please monitor your currently running jobs.

It is highly advisable to refrain from submitting new jobs till further notice.

Our tech team is investigating and working on mitigation of the problem.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Vlad Kholodovych, PhD
Senior Scientist
Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)