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OARC Communications Archive

OARC Communications Archive

Email communications to the OARC community have been compiled here.


10/23/2020: Amarel Storage Roadmap (Oct 2020)

10/8/2020: Owners of now Retired HPCC computers nodes- Please re-purchase your Amarel Project storage before 10/31

10/6/2020: Transitioning to a 1TB /scratch quota

8/25/2020: New Amarel GPU acquisition

8/19/2020: REMINDER – Please Read: HPCC ownership will end July 1, 2020

8/6/2020: Transitioning to a 1TB /scratch quota

7/8/2020: Announcing the Weekly Open Workshop

6/3/2020: UPDATE: Clarification to notice of HPCC ownership retirement

6/3/2020: Clarification to notice of HPCC ownership retirement

6/3/2020: Please Read: HPCC ownership will end July 1, 2020

5/5/2020: Qiagen seminar for IPA and CLC users working on Covid-19

3/24/2020: COVID-19 Research on OARC Systems + New Data Available

3/17/2020: UPDATE: Newark-Based Systems Offline for Maintenance (March 13 – 22)

3/16/2020: Maple, STATA, SPSS free to Rutgers Users

3/11/2020: Newark-Based Systems Offline for Maintenance (March 13 – 22)

3/7/2020: ELF is now back in service

3/3/2020: Urgent: Perceval Sunsetting and transition information for account holders

1/22/2020: Purchasing Amarel nodes & storage (currently sold-out)

1/16/2020: SECOND COMMUNICATION – Transition to new role for the Perceval Supercomputer

1/15/2020: Open OnDemand Filesystem Access Restored

1/14/2020: Filesystem Access Issue for Open OnDemand Users

1/10/2020: Amarel & Perceval: Maintenance Complete

1/6/2020: Caliburn Status Update – Expected Full Production by Jan 30.


12/20/2019: Amarel system-wide maintenance JAN 6 – 10

9/25/2019: UPDATE: Caliburn storage systems are now (temporarily) accessible

9/24/2019: Caliburn storage systems are now (temporarily) accessible

9/22/2019: Caliburn system, data, and proposal process updates

9/10/2019: Purging Files from /scratch (Wed, Sept 18)

9/5/2019: Removing data from the old (retired) Sirius server

8/22/2019: Purging Files from /scratch

8/9/2019: Newark Data Center Maintenance

7/11/2019:Maintenance complete: all systems returned to service + new filesystem

7/2/2019: Purging Files from /scratch + Storage Software update on July 10

6/28/2019: UPDATE: Conley2 machine room maintenance

6/24/2019: Conley2 machine room maintenance

6/10/2019: Amarel maintenance is complete + important notes (regarding /scratch, /home, and Lmod)

5/13/2019: Amarel/Perceval maintenance outage (end of May, start of June)

4/25/2019: Amarel Research Computing Cluster Phase III ownership opportunity

3/13/2019: Amarel Cluster Buy-in Opportunity: Consumer GPU Servers

3/6/2019: Sirius Data Transfer + Sirius3 OnDemand Interface

2/13/2019: Changes to Perceval partitions

2/12/2019: Amarel & Perceval /home quota adjustments

1/29/2019: Amarel login node reboot

1/13/2019: Decommissioning of RCI, Eden and


10/23/2018: Amarel & Perceval Lmod Upgrade

10/12/2018: Maintenance now complete for Amarel, Perceval, NM3 (+ important notes re: /scratch, /home)

10/4/2018: October 29th – End of Life Shutdown of Newton Cluster – Fwd: The Sunsetting of the Newton Cluster

10/3/2018: Major Maintenance for Amarel, Perceval, NM3 (Oct 5 – 11)

8/1/2018: Requests to be taken off of the [OARC] mailing list

7/27/2018: RESOLVED: GPFS filesystem issue

7/27/2018: GPFS filesystem issue

7/9/2018: Updated URL for OARC user guides (Amarel, Perceval, etc.)

4/3/2018: The Sunsetting of the Newton Cluster

3/27/2018: Amarel & Perceval Community-Contributed Software


12/21/2017: OARC Holiday Support Schedule

11/15/2017: Troubleshooting a Scheduling Problem

10/28/2017: Amarel maintenance concluded (+ merge of HPCC into Amarel)

10/23/2017: Merge of HPCC into Amarel

9/25/2017: Advanced computing cluster open access, now available to all Rutgers researchers

9/13/2017: HPCC merge with Amarel

6/6/2017: UPDATE: HPCC and Perceval Maintenance

6/4/2017: HPCC and Perceval Maintenance

4/13/2017: HPCC/Perceval maintenance window (+ HPCC cluster merging into Amarel)

3/17/2017: HPCC and Perceval maintenance scheduled (+ improvements to the storage, scheduler, and connection to RU network)

2/20/2017: Adjustment to Job Scheduling Policy on Perceval

1/4/2017: Home dirs on tyr cluster

1/3/2017: Introducing Amarel – Rutgers’ high performance computing for research advancement Kristin Lepping (sent university-wide)


10/23/2016: UPDATE: HPCC and Hill Center upgrades complete: HPCC available (+ migration of HPCC to new environment)

10/21/2016: HPCC and Hill power upgrades – TODAY – Friday, 10/21/16 at 5:00 pm