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Amarel login nodes reboot

Amarel users,

Yesterday, July 13, 2022, we experienced unexpected rebooting of amarel login servers in Piscataway. Amarel1 rebooted at 19:47 and amarel2 at 23:23. We are not sure yet what caused the interruption. We received some network switch alerts in the same timeframes but unsure if issues are related. OARC team is investigating the cause.
If you had any processes running, e.g. interactive jobs or connections using terminal multiplexers (screen, tmux) on the login nodes at that time they may be lost.
Please check your connections.

All jobs submitted through slurm scheduler, both running and queued, should not be affected by this interruption.

Vlad Kholodovych, PhD
Senior Scientist
Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)