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Caliburn system, data, and proposal process updates

Galen Collier
Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 10:09 pm

Caliburn Users,

General information and status details for Caliburn are available here:

Access to Storage System: Our infrastructure team and the OIT facilities / data center team are still working to repair and install components needed to stabilize Caliburn. We are optimistically hoping to be able to offer access to data stored in Caliburn’s storage systems in approximately two weeks (approximately mid-October).

Current Round of Submitted Proposals: We are very disappointed to report that, at this time, Caliburn is not expected to be safe to operate in production-mode for months. Much of the infrastructure acquisition and installation work required is similar to that encountered when initially building a system of this kind: it will take time to purchase, install, and configure the required components.

We will continue to update the web page noted above with minor updates, but major updates (important news) will be shared via e-mail.

Of course, let us know if you have questions.


Galen Collier, PhD
Director, Research Support