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Sirius Data Transfer + Sirius3 OnDemand Interface

Galen Collier
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Former Sirius Users,

1. The transfer of your old Sirius /home data to /sirius/[NetID] on Amarel is now complete. Be sure to copy data you wish to save because the entire /sirius directory will be removed in September.

2. Just a reminder that, as former Sirius users, you have exclusive access to the ‘Sirius3 Desktop’ option when connecting to Amarel using Open OnDemand (one of our graphical desktop environment solutions). Here are some basic instructions:

(a) Connect to our Open OnDemand web portal to the Amarel cluster:
(b) log-in with your NetID and standard NetID password,
(c) choose ‘Interactive Apps,’
(d) choose ‘Sirius3 Desktop’ to launch a desktop environment,
(e) and then
(f) click on the ‘Launch noVNC in New Tab’ button when your job is ready to start.

Your Sirius3 Desktop will open in a new browser tab, and you can then run applications and access your storage on Amarel.

Please let us know if you have questions or if you run into problems.