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Amarel Maintenance Tomorrow – Tues, August 16 to Wed, August 17

Amarel Cluster Users,

The monthly maintenance for Amarel will be on Tues, August 16 to Wed, August 17:

*** Start: Tues, August 16, 2022, 8am ***

*** End: Wed, August 17, 2022, 7pm ***

The maintenance will include the following hardware and software tasks:

Correct Exxact/RAVE IPMI console redirect problems

Resolve UID/GID collisions between Warewulf master machines and images

DNS work on global_old_systems August Maintenance

Any wiring changes/installations needed to support Amarel Phase V(b)

Change ownership of files for users that have UID/GID collisions with Rutgers LDAP UID/GIDs

Deprovision amareln:/etc/modules-load.d/ib.conf from WW

Operating system patching/GPFS upgrade to 5.1.2-5 for Warewulf images, 202208

Upgrade infrastructure/non-stateless machines to GPFS 5.1.2-5

Remove Ganglia from 202208 Warewulf images

Disable PAM module in 202208 Warewulf image

Operating system patching for CentOS/Debian Infrastructure, 202208


A message will be sent to all uses once the maintenance has been completed.


Thank you,

Paul Guillermo Arias, Ph.D.

 Senior Scientist, Office of Advanced Research Computing