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COVID-19 Research on OARC Systems + New Data Available

Galen Collier
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 3:06 pm

Rutgers Research Computing Community:

I hope everyone is well and able to proceed with important work under the current circumstances.

If there is anything our office might be able to do to support your COVID-19-related research, please let us know. We have received a few requests, so we have addressed those needs and we are taking needed steps to enable other activities.


If anyone is using an OARC-managed system (Amarel, ELF-1, Didact, Eastern Regional Network resources, or our network infrastructure to access or share data sets) for COVID-19-related research, we would very much like to hear about it:

— Names of PI and coworkers
— Very brief project description/summary
— Applications or specific resources being used


Google Cloud has made a copy of the widely referenced Johns Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 data available as a public dataset in BigQuery. You can access the dataset on Cloud Marketplace here,, along with a description of the data and sample queries to get your analysis started. This John Hopkins University CSSE dataset is made available for educational and academic research purposes only. Google Cloud will not charge for bytes read from this dataset through September 15, but other charges may apply if you join this dataset with other datasets. See the documentation in the Marketplace listing for this dataset for more details.