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Amarel August monthly maintenance — UPDATE

Dear Amarel users,

We have an update on the regular monthly maintenance which was schedule to start from 08:00 ET August 17, to 19:00 ET on Aug. 18.

Due to the software upgrade performed by other Dept. of the University, the network router servicing Amarel cluster will have to be shut down from 05:00 ET to 07:00 ET on Aug. 17, therefore our maintenance reservation on August 17 is revised accordingly. Now it will start from 05:00 ET August 17, to 19:00 ET on Aug. 18. There is a three-hour difference. Fortunately, no running jobs are overlapping with this three-hour period.

We hope this will not cause any inconvenience. Thank you!

In addition, a gentle reminder about the maintenance on Aug. 10, from 9:50am to 12:00pm noon, which we communicated earlier.

Have a nice weekend!

Janet Chang, PhD
Senior Scientist
Office of Advanced Research Computing