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Qiagen seminar for IPA and CLC users working on Covid-19

Les Michelson
Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 4:53 pm

Dear investigator,

Please see information below to register for IPA/CLC webinar. Also, note that unrestricted access to Rutgers IPA license has been extended to May 31 for general use and June 15th for Covid-research. Apologies for the late notice- this announcement was just received.

QIAGEN IPA and QIAGEN CLC webinar: “Using QIAGEN Digital Insights to determine how LY6E impairs coronavirus fusion and confers immune control” by external virology experts together with Jean-Noel Billaud, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist at QIAGEN. Click here to register and attend on May 6th 11:00 AM EDT and 5:00 PM CET.

Please note that unrestricted access to IPA has been extend thru May 31 for all Rutgers IPA accounts. An extension through June 15 is available if research is Covid-19 related. Please contact if your use of IPA qualifies under the Covid-19 extension and you wish to take advantage of the extra unrestricted access period.