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HPCC merge with Amarel

Bill Abbott
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 9:34 am

OARC cluster users,

The legacy HPCC cluster is scheduled to be merged into the new Amarel cluster, with HPCC membership translating into Amarel ownership. Now that Amarel has entered normal production and is available University-wide we’d like to proceed with the merge.

HPCC owners will receive owner queues containing purchased compute resources and group project directories containing purchased disk space.

Details of Amarel ownership can be viewed here.

The main differences between the cluster models are that HPCC relied on “fairshare” to guarantee owner resources, whereas Amarel uses dedicated owner queues with preemption of general access resources in favor of owners.

Fairshare is still a factor but owner queues guarantee immediate, non-preemptible access to owner resources.

For issues and questions regarding this merge or any other OARC clusters contact <>.


Bill Abbott
Office of Advanced Research Computing