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Please Read: Owners of now Retired HPCC computers nodes- Please re-purchase your Amarel Project storage before 10/31

Dear former HPCC owners and account holders,

While HPCC nodes were retired as of July 1 of this year, storage allocation for prior HPCC owners is being retained through October 31, 2020. At the July 1 deadline, all accounts associated with HPCC ownership became Amarel Open Access accounts. Project storage, as noted, was retained. This information was communicated to you in early June and can be reviewed at Please note that this effects both owners and accounts associated with the ownership. Former HPCC owners are eligible to renew their storage up to the allocation in place as of July 1 at a cost of $150/TB including backup for a four year period beginning November 1, 2020. This is the same cost we assess current Amarel owners. You are not required to purchase new Amarel Node(s) to renew your storage. Of course, we hope you will consider the purchase of Amarel Phase IV nodes if you have not already placed a pre-order. Phase IV nodes are vastly more powerful than even the last generation of HPCC nodes and are significantly less expensive as a consequence of the subsidy the Office of Advance Research Computing is able to offer. They are expected to be in production in late Fall. You can learn more about Phase IV at

Please contact Kristin Lepping ( to notify OARC of your intention to renew your Project storage before the October 31 deadline to prevent its removal and loss. Alternatively, should you elect not to renew your storage allocation or to reduce it, be sure to copy any files you intend to keep to your own or university-provided general-purpose storage, e.g., Box. The document at provides comprehensive information for moving files to and from Amarel. Should you elect to retain less storage than your current allocation, your applications will be denied write access if your actual utilization is greater than your new allocation. In this case, removing or copying files from your Amarel storage to an alternate location will be necessary. Once reduced, your allocation cannot be increased without the purchase of new Amarel node(s). Please note that your home and scratch storage (the latter subject to the 90 day required access policy) is not impacted by any decision you make regarding Project storage.

To check your Project directory allocation and utilization use the following command at the shell prompt:

mmlsquota -j –block-size=auto projectsp

Please direct any technical questions regarding your storage and its renewal or off-loading to

Thank you once more for your pioneering HPCC ownership. OARC trusts that you will continue using Amarel as an Open Access user or hopefully as a new Amarel owner.



Leslie P. Michelson, Ph.D.
Senior Diretor
Office of Advanced Research Computing
Rutgers University