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Scheduled Amarel maintenance on August 10

Dear Amarel users:

Please be aware that there are two scheduled maintenances for the month of August.

The regular monthly maintenance on Aug. 17, from 08:00am to Aug. 18, 07:00pm, which was announced earlier.

Another maintenance is schedule for Aug. 10, starting at 00:00 (midnight), ending at 12:00 (noon), this is for the Data Center facility team to perform some electrical work, to solve the power problem that has been affecting the data center users .

Generally, any jobs scheduled that overlaps with the maintenance window will not start until after the maintenance is completed, and jobs that are already running will be terminated when we have to shut down the cluster.

The duration we reserved is 12 hours, but the maintenance likely will be completed in less than 12 hours. We will keep you all updated.



Janet Chang, PhD
Senior Scientist
Office of Advanced Research Computing