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HPCC/Perceval maintenance window (+ HPCC cluster merging into Amarel)

Bill Abbott
Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 11:20 am

HPCC and Perceval cluster users,

Within the next month or so the HPCC cluster will evolve into the larger Amarel condo cluster run by OARC. This requires a brief maintenance window to modify the network and ib fabric and to add a new pool of nodes. This maintenance will also affect the Perceval cluster, which
shares the OARC environment.

We’ve scheduled the maintenance for Monday, April 24. We don’t anticipate it lasting beyond one day.

Jobs that won’t complete by that day will be queued and can run following the maintenance.

For questions regarding Amarel policies (slightly different than HPCC policies) send email to Information can be found here: